Strong Herbal Pain Relief Patches "No...
Strong Herbal Pain Relief Patches "No...
Strong Herbal Pain Relief Patches "No...

Strong Herbal Pain Relief Patches "No Pain" - Wutong

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"Wutong" translated from the Chinese - "No pain". "Wutong" recommended to stop the abrupt pain of various origins.

Strong Herbal Pain Relief Patches "No Pain" - Wutong


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Pain Relief

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The action of these patches is based on the principle of transdermal therapy, i.e. delivering therapeutic extracts and components through the skin - ideal way to deliver these substances. This method is particularly effective when it is necessary to concentrate high amount of medication in a specific part of the body. The hermetic polymer base of the plaster creates the greenhouse effect - prevents evaporation of moisture from the skin and provides a long-lasting effect and higher level of absorption.

"Wutong" translated from the Chinese - "No pain". "Wutong" is recommended to stop the abrupt pain of various origins.

Plant nutrients contained within the patch have proven analgesic and antispasmodic action which is amplified by the harmonic combination of healing plant extracts. Cinnamon oil composing the patch helps optimise metabolism and in physical exhaustion states after a long illness, restores the body's defence systems. This patch has a better effect during the day when pain is increased in motion and exercise and can be used in combination with the Jian Kang Herbal Patch, which is more effective at night.

Active ingredients:

Chinese juniper or ephedra stems extract, cinnamon oil, Habanero peppermint extract, European coppa, myrrh, safflower oil, bosella, dragonflies, angelica, menthol and others.


Cut a square (or rectangle) from the patch and stick it on the painful points on the body. It can be attached to the body for up to 12 hours. After 3-8 hours, you can repeat the procedure. The recommended course is based on the individual’s needs.

For short term pain relieve 1-2 days.

For longer healing process the approximate duration of the course is 20-25 days.

For more effective use of herbal patches, it is recommended to simultaneously place them on the area of pain and acupuncture point and energy-related meridian of the body.


Individual intolerance to one of the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin irritations and wounds, children under 15 years of age.

Active Components:

Cassia Bark Tree

Cinnamomum cassia leaf oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, helps relieve muscle spasms.

Ephedra Distachya

Ephedra distachya extract tones the skin and relaxes muscles.


Extract of angelica daurica roots activates microcirculation in tissues and improves metabolic processes.

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