Security of transactions is our top priority. In today's world the convenience of card payments has brought us easier life and quicker services. Although that is the case we at TianDe South Africa understand worries and hesitation of people who use card payments. 

This is why we have taken every necessary step to protect your payments on our website and ensured that your money is safe every step of the way. 

1. Technical Security

Our domain is governed under SSL certificate which means that every sensitive transaction is being sent to the payment gateway in a special data packet that cannot be cracked.

What is SSL?

TLS and its predecessor SSL (“Secure Sockets Layer”) are standard security technology that establish a secure link between a website and a visitor’s web browser (or a mail server and client). All communications transmitted through this link are encrypted. Therefore, sensitive information like credit card numbers are first encrypted, and then sent to the website owners, who can decrypt the information once they receive it. This means anyone who tries to intercept the information on the way won't get anything but encrypted (unreadable) information.

2. Using external services

We do not wish nor we hold any credit/debit card details in our system. Upon payment our system is encrypting your card details and is sending it to external payment gateway (PayFast) who then deals with the transaction. Once the transaction is completed the information is being sent to us and we accept the order that way. 

At no time we see or hold any information about your card or your bank account. PayFast who is dealing with the payment itself is fully regulated by the government and fully responsible for making sure that your money is safe. Payment Gateways such as PayFast must operate to the highest standards. 

 3. Responsible staff members

We value our customers and we understand that when you pay money you wish for it to be in a safe place and used for the purpose. Our staff is constantly monitoring funds that come in and out from our business and if there is any discrepancies the Financial Department is notified straight away.

PayFast Secure Card Payments
Secure SSL Certificate
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